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How can Talent in Scotland improve your Hiring success rate?

Comprehensive & Efficient Analysis - Job Analysis using library of 6500+ Job Success Formulas

Pre-employment Screening - An overall "eligibility score" that measures eligibility factors e.g. education, experience and skills

Behavioral Assessment - A "suitability score" that assess job specific behavioral competencies

Enhanced Interviewing - An "interview score" that focus interview on key success factors and behavioral issues

1. Creating a job Specification

Who will be your next employee?

The Problem: Failing to Hire the Best Candidates

Companies often hire the wrong candidates or fail to hire the best candidates because they don't have a systematic approach that measures ALL the qualifications and behavioural competencies needed to predict job success. Although most employers desire predictability, few companies have the time or expertise to create effective Job Success Formulas.

Talent in Scotland Solution

Job Success Formula

Talent in Scotland solves this costly problem by providing more than 6500 proven and pre-configured Job Success Formulas to help your organisation easily and accurately assess the eligibility and suitability factors that lead to job success. We enable you to hire the right talent - and do it quickly. Our library of 6500 Job Success Formulas makes it easy for you to create customised assessments. Our job analysis enables you to automatically generate custom assessments using your unique job specific criteria while at the same time creating a clear consensus with other hiring stakeholders.

Job Success Formula Eligibility

The eligibility component of each Job Success Formula evaluates how applicants compare to the ideal levels of education, experience, and skills based on your organization's specific needs.

Job Success Formula Suitability

The suitability component of each Job Success Formula evaluates how each applicant compares to a complete set of proven suitability or behavioural traits that are specific to the job function. These customisable factors include attitudes, motivations, interpersonal skills, interests, work values, and work preferences.

Weighting Options

The Job Success Formulas automatically generate interview weighting guidelines, as well as specific behavioural interview questions. These guide the interviewer to obtain important insight related to the key job success factors, as well as provide a consistent scoring method for each factor. The system provides sophisticated, yet easy-to-use options for weighting, scoring and customising Job Success Formulas to reflect an organisation's specific needs and core values.

Scoring Candidates

The Job Success Formulas are developed from 24+ years of research and provide a comprehensive integrated hiring system. The final assessment score measures candidates eligibility, suitability, and interview scores against the IDEAL candidate for the position in your organisation.

2. Resumes

Applicants are selected based on resume screening of education and experience which are not predictors of workplace performance. They don’t describe attitude and behaviours and approximately 80% of all resumes state misleading information

Talent in Scotland Solution

Pre Employment Screening

Our automatically generated pre-employment screening targets your specific requirements for qualification. It measures eligibility factors such as education, experience and skills producing an overall "eligibility score" that saves up to 80% administration time by ranking the applicants according to eligibility. It eliminates the need to review resumes except for qualified candidates.

In addition to making deeply informed recruiting and hiring decisions, employers utilising our Talent Acquisition Solutions reduce time to hire and minimize assessment costs. Most importantly, the system provides an overall score as a guideline for each step in the recruitment process ensuring the best candidates are hired.

Behavioural Assessment

For qualified applicants, the assessment process automatically proceeds to a behavioural questionnaire. The results of the behavioural questionnaire are calculated based on the job analysis for the specific job. It automatically selects from 175 factors to measure only job specific behavioural requirements. In addition to assessing behavioural competencies, it evaluates likely employee engagement and job satisfaction. By focusing on both the employee's and employer's needs, we measure the degree to which mutual needs will be met, resulting in higher levels of employee engagement and retention. In addition, the easy-to-understand reports empower managers with on-boarding tools that facilitate accelerated engagement and performance.

3. Testing

Currently the testing that takes place is not accurate, unreliable and usually carried out at the wrong end of the process.

Talent in Scotland Solution

Unique Questioning Technologies

SmartQuestionnaire™ - Advanced cross-referencing technologies make over 8,000 comparisons, providing the equivalent amount of information of 2,700 multiple-choice questions in less than 30 minutes.

Test Authentication - Any attempt to deceive our SmartQuestionnaire™ is instantly detected by more than 500,000 cross-references of the answers. It handles the issue of deception better than any assessment questionnaire in the industry.

Enjoyment Performance Methodology - We help companies predict performance, work satisfaction, and retention. It also enables companies to motivate people and increase their performance by assigning the roles and responsibilities that give them the highest degree of work satisfaction.

Enjoyment and Performance are linked because the level of enjoyment that an employee has while performing a particular activity is directly related to the level of their performance relative to that activity.

When people enjoy a task, they tend to do it more, and get better at it. Like a self-fulfilling prophecy, good performance creates acknowledgment and/or positive self-regard which then causes people to enjoy the task even more.

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4. Interviews

Appearance, enthusiasm and likability greatly impact an interview. Many decisions are based on gut feeling and guesswork.

Talent in Scotland Solution

Enhanced Interviewing

Interview Processing Methodology - Our automatically generated Interview Worksheets guide employers through the entire interview process to further evaluate the eligibility of each short-listed candidate. Our Interview Worksheets also provide customisable behavioural interviewing questions and scoring guidelines to further evaluate suitability and produce a total score.

The automated process and recruitment system dramatically elevates the quality of interviews by consistently focusing on key success factors and revealing behavioural issues that normally take months or years to discover. It transforms the candidate experience by enabling the interviewer to focus on mutual needs rather than only the needs of the company. It provides the interviewer with the key information necessary to offer top talent what they want.

5. In the job

Employee performance is related to the suitability for the job. The more suitable the better they perform. Less suitability contributes to staff turnover

Talent in Scotland Solution

Hire for engagement

Although personality can be part of engagement, personality tests do not effectively measure engagement. The Suitability Profile measures the alignment between the job/organization and the employee's goals/aspirations. It reveals psychological conditions that translate to engagement for specific jobs enabling organizations to hire for engagement, as well as develop engagement for specific employees, resulting in increased discretionary effort and retention.

6. Staff Turnover

The traditional hiring process is subjective and can invariably be down to guess work and someone shining in an interview and is liked. Hiring the wrong person is a costly mistake to the employer and the candidate

Talent in Scotland Solution

Hire for Retention

Successful candidates are hired based on objective, evidence based data, the positive results are engaged employees, increased productivity and reduced turnover.

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